We're building the world's best gym membership.

Exercise wherever and whenever - with Bruce


We're building the world's best gym membership. We want you to be inspired, dare to try something new and be free - free to train what and wherever you want. We believe in our studio partners with their passion for training, and we believe in freedom for everyone.

Our story

Bruce was founded by us, Magnus and Anton, in 2015. We were tired of traditional gym chains and how to be treated and dismissed the feeling of being locked into a gym. We decided to build the world's best training membership - and wanted everything in an app.

We chose to bootstrap the company to avoid investors focusing on money, and instead put all our energy on understanding the market and to build a really good service for both members and studios. Today we have come a long way, and have to work with Sweden's best training contractors.

Magnus and Anton, founders of Bruce


One Membership. Hundreds of Studios.